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I used the garcinia cambogia supplement with my wife for the purpose of losing weight. On garcinia cambogia I was required to eat 1500 calories a day. The garcinia cambogia increases metabolic rate for digestion. It was not a fun experience. At first we were told to binge eat to get rid of cravings, but this method seemed counter-intuitive. When you binge and weigh yourself, you will always look like you lost weight over the next few days.

Though garcinia cambogia suppresses hunger, it does not suppress the desire to eat. Also, though advertised, garcinia cambogia does not increase energy when taking in so little calories. My wife worked at a daycare and I was at college. I ended up quitting because my concentration was gone; I could no longer do essential tasks such as studying or doing homework. My wife also quit after a month because she could not function at work. To the credit of the garcinia cambogia manufacturers, we were warned to not exert ourselves during the period that we were eating little food.

I lost 10 lbs (to 190 lbs) and my wife lost 15 lbs (to 155 lbs). Though it was painful, we made sure to follow the detox instructions perfectly, which involved eating healthy for at least two weeks after. I don’t think that I would try the supplement again, but it worked as described. I am not surprised that I had no energy, despite descriptions of the product. 500 calories is not enough to consume for a human male. My wife was better off, but she was doing physical work.

The supplement cost $100 for about 3 weeks of intake for 2 people. We had tried it a year before for double the price, but since there are not many success stories involving garcinia cambogia the price dropped significantly in that year. I found this Garcinia Premium Supplement. The supplement was well worth the money as we managed to keep off the 15 lbs even after the two week detox.
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