Clinical Externship/Fellowship Application
Pre-Doctoral Externships and Post-Doctoral Fellowships are part-time, one- or two-year appointments in which candidates receive in-depth training in rational-emotive and cognitive behavior therapy by core REBT faculty trainers, serve as therapists and conduct psychological and psychoeducational evaluations in the Institute’s clinic, co-lead groups, attend 1 hour of didactics weekly, receive 3 hours of individual and group supervision a week, and participate in research.

Successful completion of all requirements will result in Associate Fellowship (1 year) or Fellowship (2 years) status of the Albert Ellis Institute.


Applications for Pre-Doctoral Externs accepted beginning January 10, 2022.

Applications for Post-Doctoral/Graduate Fellows are currently being accepted.

Deadline: January 17, 2022

Course of Study
The Externship/Fellowship Programs offer highly diversified training:

Clinical experience: Trainees devote 12 hours per week to clinical practice, including co-leading a therapy group with senior staff, individual therapy, psychological evaluations, and research.

Supervision: 3 hours of supervision per week with a licensed Senior Staff Clinical Psychologist.

Co-lead workshops in coping with anxiety, anger, procrastination, self-defeating eating, and numerous other topics.

One-hour weekly didactics: Mental health and other professionals are brought in to provide a comprehensive training experience.

Start Date:
July 6, 2022
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