The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal form, personal statement, and any supporting documentation must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office by the published on the academic calendar.

    Examples of acceptable circumstances for appeal may include:
    -- the death of an immediate family member
    -- a student’s serious injury/illness
    -- a serious illness/injury of an immediate family member
    -- catastrophic loss such as flood or fire
    -- other special circumstances as determined by the SAP Appeals Committee that can be effectively documented by the student and verified by a third party.

    ** Subsequent appeals for the same circumstance will not be accepted or approved.
    ** Any incomplete grades must be completed before submitting an appeal.
    ** Students are still responsible for paying their student bills by the required due date, regardless of the outcome of the appeal.

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  • You must provide ALL of the items listed below for your financial aid appeal. Only complete appeals will be reviewed.

    1. A signed, typed/written, personal statement from the student that fully explains the extraordinary circumstances that affected the student’s ability to do well academically, how those circumstances directly affected academic performance and the time period in question, how the circumstances were resolved, and the measurable steps taken to prevent the problem from negatively affecting academic performance again.

    2. Official documentation or letter from a professional that effectively documents and verifies the circumstances of the appeal. It should contain specific details about the circumstances, including time period of when it occurred and how the situation has been resolved. If a letter is provided, the professional who prepares it would have first-hand knowledge of the circumstances and should be a counselor, physician, clergyman/minister, police officer, or other professional who is very much aware of the circumstances. For verification purposes, the letter must be on agency letterhead and it should include the professional’s name, address, and phone number.

    3. A letter from the academic advisor that addresses the academic plan going forward. As regulated by the U.S. Department of Education, the academic plan must provide detailed academic information that, if followed by the student, will lead to the student meeting the minimum satisfactory academic progress requirements by a specified point in time.

  • Personal Statement

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  • You must provide ALL of the items listed below for your maximum time appeal. Only complete appeals will be reviewed.

    1. A signed, typed/written, personal statement from the student that fully explains the reason(s) for attempting an excessive amount of credits without meeting requirements of the educational program.

    2. A graduation plan signed by the academic advisor. The graduation plan should specify the necessary courses by credits and semester that are necessary to earn the requirements of the degree.
  • Submission of Appeal

    Once your complete appeal is received, it will be reviewed by the SAP Appeals Committee. On occasion, the committee may request additional documentation. Typically decisions are made within two weeks of receiving the appeal information. Once a decision is made, you will receive a response by letter and email to your LHUP email account.

    Please contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions. 570-484-2424 or
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