Clearinghouse ACH Authorization Form
  • ACH Immediate: Funds will be released on the 10th (except for weekends or holidays) Funds available 1-2 business days after the 10th. This option has a fee associated of 2% of the check amount plus 5.00.

    ACH Standard: Funds will be released on the 25th (except for weekends or holidays) Funds will be available 1-2 business days after the 25th. This option is free and has no other fees associated.

    ACH Debit: Teleflora will debit from your bank account for funds due on the 25th of each month (except for weekends or holidays). If you are due a refund this will not apply. This is a free service.
  • Please note Credit Card Direct Deposit Acct and ACH Deposit Acct must be the same.
    (If you have questions please contact the Creditline Dept at 1-800-331-8792)
  • Note: Set up for Canadian Acct may be delayed if a copy of a pre-printed check is not provided.
    (If you are unable to upload here please contact Customer Service.)
  • Terms for ACH Deposit option will be defined below :
    1. This option is not immediately active. It could take up to one billing cycle to begin.

    2.Owner must agree to this change.

    3.In the event that the bank account information changes, the shop owner is responsible for calling Teleflora to make the appropriate changes before the 5th of the month in order to insure the correct account receives the deposit.

    4. This option DOES NOT give Teleflora the permission to DEBIT from your bank Account. If you would like to set up this option for payment, it will require a different form to be submitted.Please contact Teleflora Customer Service at 1-800-421-2815 Option #4 to request this form.
  • In the event that there are issues processing your request,please provide a contact phone number where you can be reached.
  • Please provide a contact email if you prefer this form of communication.