Artist Request (UK/Europe)
Please note that scheduling interviews is not part of our radio campaign. We consider this an "extra" when we feel it is beneficial for an artist.

UK radio hosts tend to reschedule frequently (unfortunately last minute). We do everything in our power to stop this from happening. However, we can not control this as many are unpaid volunteers at the station and they do this in their spare time. (We are at their mercy.)

We appreciate your patience and understand the frustration when this occurs. We ask that you still do everything in your power to show up on time and not cancel unless there is no other choice but please be advised that the same courtesy may not be extended by the show host -despite our best efforts to send reminders and confirmations ahead of time. We will do everything we can to try and make things run smoothly and/or reschedule when necessary.

Thank you for understanding.

-Team MPi
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  • Please include the EXACT way to dial INTERNATIONALLY FROM THE USA, dial: Always 011 +Country Code. For example, for the UK you would dial: 011 44 then add the phone number. (Remember to delete any digits not used for international calls.)

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