Bethel Registration/Medical Form
Please complete the form below for each child participating in a Bethel Church group, Sunday School or function within this school-year cycle.

Remember that you need only complete one form per child even if they will participate in more than one group. The information will be stored for all groups you check below. Thank you!
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  • If your child does not have a cell phone or if you choose to not provide us with the number, simply click NO, here.

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    The following information is required for use in case of medical emergency only.
  • Additional Information

  • Covid Safety Protocol:

    In an effort to diminish the possibility of covid transmission during Bethel activities, we will be implementing the following safety procedures:

    1. All un-vaccinated children and adults will be required to wear a face mask (Sunday School, Youth Group, music rehearsals, etc.)
    2. Hand-washing and disinfecting precautions will be observed.
    3. Participants agree to NOT attend Bethel functions should they experience any covid-related symptoms OR be exposed to anyone who has contracted covid.

    Music Rehearsal-specific Safety Protocol:

    1. Children’s choirs will meet for no more than 45 minutes at a time. Adult choir rehearsals may be reduced to 50 minutes should the need arise.
    3. Physical distancing will be required for all groups, which may mean that ensembles will sing instead of the entire group, depending on CDC guidance.
    4. A commercial-grade HEPA filtration system will be used to circulate and clean the air in the music room and a 30 minute break between rehearsals will allow time for the air to be circulated properly.
    5. We will be prepared to alter or suspend rehearsals should it become necessary.
  • Please sign using either your mouse or your finger/stylus on a touch screen. By signing you affirm that you have read and agree to follow the covid safety protocol above. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.