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  • Congratulations!

    You have reached a significant milestone in your doctoral journey. It is time to request that your doctoral capstone committee be matched to your projected study. This is an important step in the process; delay in submission or incomplete forms may delay future registration and progress.

    Your program leadership will use information provided via this form to review your plans and needs to match you with an appropriate committee chair and second committee member. You may choose to request specific faculty members to serve on your committee. Requested faculty must be from within your program.

    Please note that, while we would like to honor all requests, the program leadership must take a number of factors into consideration. Faculty availability, expertise, and eligibility are among the considerations used for matching your content and methods plan to a committee chair and member.
  • Instructions

    • Complete Part A: Student Information (Note: You will attach a copy of your most recent premise or prospectus in this section)

    • Complete Part B: Faculty Information (Note: If you have identified specific faculty members you would like to request serve on your committee, you will need to attach a confirmation e-mail from each faculty member in this section.

    • Submit Form

    • PhD Students Only: Upload Confirmation E-mail (received upon successful submission) to the Assignment area of the Classroom to demonstrate completion of this assignment.

    This confirmation e-mail will contain information about timelines and next steps in this process. Please review it carefully.
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  • Part A: Student Information

  • Your student ID generally begins with "A00". If you need help, you can find your student ID on the upper-right corner of your student portal or on your degree audit.
  • List your name as it is listed in your Walden student record.
  • If so, you must attach an email from your current dissertation faculty indicating you are ready to move.
  • For example: Fall 2018
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