DNP Project Committee Matching Request
Project Faculty Advisor and Site Identification—Matching Request Form

Congratulations! You have reached a significant milestone in your doctoral journey. It is time to request faculty members to be matched to your planned DNP project. This is an important step in the process; delay in submission or incomplete forms may delay future registration and progress.

Your program leadership will use information provided via this form to review your plans and needs to match you with an appropriate committee.

Please note that, while we would like to honor all requests, the program leadership must take several factors into consideration. Faculty availability, expertise, and eligibility are among the considerations used for matching your content and methods plan to a committee.
  • Instructions:

    • Complete Part A: Student Information

    • Complete Part B: Faculty Information (Note: You may request up to four faculty members you would like to request serve on your committee. List these in this section.)

    • Submit Form

    • You will receive a confirmation e-mail that will let you know that the online form was submitted.

    • Notification of the Committee matches will be sent approximately one week prior to the start of the upcoming quarter.
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