IOWA RUSH SOUTH - Reschedule/Cancel Request Form
The Home team coach is responsible for rescheduling a game if it cannot be played as originally scheduled. This Game Reschedule Form is for all Iowa Rush South 9U and up teams when the Rush South team is the home team.

Team coaches and/or coordinators must contact each other and agree on a date and time that the Rush South coach confirms is available on the City of Pella Master Field Reservations found on the SCHEDULES menu.

If Rush South is the home team, then the agreed-upon date, time, and field must be submitted using this reschedule form at preferably a minimum of one week in advance of the new game date to allow time to obtain referees.

Submitting this form will email it to the the Iowa Rush South Admin and Iowa Rush South Director of Referees who will then each confirm and reply back confirmation/approval for your request.

If you know you need to cancel or reschedule a game but do not have a rescheduled date yet, still use this form but select to just CANCEL the game now so referees are notified, and then come back later and submit the form again and select ADD ad HOME game previously canceled.
  • - -
  • If rescheduling a game, what is the ID for the game in Tourney Machine that is listed in the first column under GAME? Example - P5103. If canceling a game, leave this blank or N/A.
  • Enter the Home team's Team from the league game schedule (example -
    Iowa Rush South B12A)
  • Enter the Away team Team from the league game schedule.
  • Enter the field the game was originally scheduled to be played on - Example PELLA #1. If this is a new game originally not on the schedule, just enter NEW GAME.
  • / / :
    Enter the date and time of the original game that needs to be rescheduled. If this is a new game originally not on the schedule, just leave blank.
  • Enter the field the rescheduled game is requesting to be played on - Example PELLA #2. If a HOME game has moved to another club's soccer complex, state that here.
  • / / :
    Enter the date and time that the game will be moved to. ISL Rec Central League games are typically scheduled to start at 1:00pm, 3:00pm, or 5:00pm.
  • Please enter why this game had to be rescheduled.

    Coaches - below is for Club Admin only to fill out but you can check back if you want to see where status is.
  • There are dates where due to too many refs being in school events, there are not enough.