Grant Coaching/Review Service Reviewer Application
If you are interested in applying to become a NCHN Grant Coach, please complete the following application.

Recommended Experience:

• Experience with federal grant programs
• Federal grant writing, editing, and reviewing experience
• Previous experience serving on a federal grant review panel
• Must not be an applicant for the grant program under which you are asked to serve as a reviewer
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  • Name Phone Number Email Address
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  • Terms of Agreement

    If selected as a Grant Coach of the NCHN Grant Coaching and Review Service Program, I agree to the following:
    • In order to avoid conflicts of interest, I will only contract with one organization (whether a member or non-member) for each grant review opportunity.
    • Only reviews contracted with NCHN members through NCHN’s service will be offered at the NCHN discounted rate.
    • NCHN’s Grant Coaching and Review Service will be offered at the rate of $145/hour. Of the hourly fee of $145, the reviewer (you) will retain $105/hour and pay $40/hour to NCHN as a Client Finder Fee.