eoStar Program Suggestion Form
In order to request additional features and enhancements for all eoStar products (eoStar, eoMoble, eoTouch), an Enhancement Request Form must be submitted.
  • Please give a title for your request
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  • Enhancement Request Information

    Please complete the following information to describe the enhancement. The information provided will be used to assess if the request is specific to your company or a system wide enhancement, as well as the degree of technical difficulty for the development.

  • • High – Functionality will be available 60 days from approval

    • Medium – Functionality will be available within 6 months from approval

    • Low – Functionality will be available within a year from approval
  • Select all areas that apply. If other is chosen, please fill in field.
  • Briefly describe all roles impacted by the enhancement
  • Briefly describe the enhancement you are requesting
  • Please indicate how the enhancement impacts business operations and/or how this will benefit your company in the future.