The National Student Clearinghouse has been retained as the University's agent for certifying/verifying enrollment. Please use the steps below to obtain an enrollment certification/verification. Updated enrollment information is routinely provided to the Clearinghouse and should be available by the 10th of every month during the semester.

1. Access the Clearinghouse by logging in to myHaven; select National Student Clearinghouse on the left side; read the screen and proceed as instructed
2. Select "Obtain an enrollment certificate"
3. Print the document that appears on the screen and provide to the requestor for enrollment verification.

In limited instances, the enrollment information may not be available from the Clearinghouse when needed or additional information is needed. If certification/verification is still required from the University, use the form below.
  • Student Information

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  • Enrollment Information

  • Enter year as 4-digits, i.e. 2019
  • Send Enrollment Certification/Verification Information:

  • Depending on delivery option selected, additional information will display below.
  • US Postal Mail Information

  • Fax Information

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  • Email Information

  • If additional documentation is to be provided with your certification/verification, please attach it here.
  • By typing your name in the electronic signature box, you are certifying that the information on this form is true and correct. Your typed name in the signature box further authorizes Lock Haven University to process this request and serves as the official release required under the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act.