Eyelash Extensions Advantages and Disadvantages
If you are given with natural long eyelashes, you should rejoice because not all do possess such kind of eyelash look. But the fact that you have your eyes to see even if you do not have that natural long eyelashes, you still need to be grateful. That natural eyelash can be enhanced through eyelash growth serum available on line.
eyelash serum
You are living in this modern world where technology and fad are always changing. You might not know that in the near future, natural long eyelashes can be implanted through modern devices. But since that time has not come yet take time to enjoy the available enhancers for your eyelashes.
There are three available enhancers one can do to develop his or her eyelashes. You may have the fake eyelashes, the eyelash serum or what they called fiber eyelash extensions and eyelash extension designed by a professional salon technician.

To differentiate the three methods, it is better for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of each modern way enhancer. Take this time to know the advantages and disadvantages of taking eyelash extension in a salon or a spa.

Here are the advantages:

• It is convenient. You don't have to put mascara and curl your eyelashes every now and then. You can sleep and wake up possessing those eyelash extensions already. This is really time saving especially to those women who are busy with their work and family. One process of beautifying every morning has been eliminated is a time saver indeed. Once you woke up, simply roll your bed and ramp like an eyelash model.
• It produces no worries on you. Once you decided to go for eyelash extensions, you've decided as well to leave the worries of the past. Worries of not having make-up before going out are no longer a problem. Worries that you forgot to curl your eyelashes which often burn eyelashes are not also given importance. Worries of what to click here and there online just to find the best eye lash growth for you are not being thought of.
• It sets you always on a ready-to-go mode. You don't need eye mascara or eye lash growth that can be found here on your daily routine as a woman. You just need to pick your best wear, carry your belongings and drive your car.

Here are the disadvantages:

It is risk to your health. The glue that is used to connect your real eyelash from the lash extension may cause allergy and damage on your eyes if not put properly. If you failed to maintain it your eyes may be infected. It requires high maintenance on your end. Though it can cut your regular schedule, if the hair grow you have to find another time for eyelash extensions.

It will cost you a lot of money. That still depends on where you will have your eyelash extensions operation. Sixty to three hundred dollars is the bracket amount range. You should have savings if you choose this method of eyelash enhancement. The touch ups for maintenance is at least a month which definitely cost you extra bucks.
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