Pamira Bezmen Photography Client Questionnaire
"LOVE Your Walls" Signature Design Service by Pamira Bezmen
  • please provide the full street address of where you'd like your print products to be delivered
    the same address will be used for your contract and billing
  • please select as many as applicable
  • please check all that apply
  • -please only specify the walls where you think you will wish to display your images.
    you can list living room, master bedroom, nursery, family room, office, etc.
  • Don't Like Neutral Like Like a Lot
    Geometric patterns
    Lacy, frilly things
    Colorful designs
    Children's themes
    Romantic & vintage themes and outfits
    Natural, plain things
    Cutting edge
    Flamboyant, showy
    Black & White
  • optional
  • optional
  • optional
  • optional
  • optional