2019 Girl Scout Silver Award Report Form
Girl Scout Cadettes who have earned the Girl Scout Silver Award during the 2018-2019 Girl Scout membership year (September 30, 2018 - October 1, 2019) please submit one form per project upon completion.

Way to go, you earned the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette may earn! Please submit this form to help us recognize you as a Silver Award Girl Scout! The information you share will be used for marketing and promotional purposes including GSOC's Highest Awards Yearbook.
  • Please provide your Girl Scout information.

  • Enter "GSI" if you are not a member of a troop; enter unsure if you don't know/remember your troop number.
  • Please provide your contact information. If this was a partner/group project, be sure to list additional names of girls below.

  • Please provide basic information about your Silver Award Take Action project.

  • If this was a group project, list the first and last name of EACH Girl Scout Cadette to be recognized for this project.

  • Girl 2 Name
    Girl 3 Name
    Girl 4 Name
    Girl 5 Name
    Girl 6 Name
    Girl 7 Name
    Girl 8 Name
    Girl 9 Name
    Girl 10 Name
    Enter names in alphabetical order by last name
  • Create a 10-20 word summary that briefly describes what you did for your Silver Award Take Action Project. How would you summarize what you did and the impact? (See sample Silver Award Project Summary below.)

    If possible, your summary should include:
    * what you did
    * who benefited from your effort
    * what was the impact

    Please write in third person (i.e., Developed an education program...)
  • Sample Silver Award Project Summaries:

    Developed an education program with Human Options to teach middle school kids about the signs of unhealthy relationships and how to have healthy relationships.

    Created 150 H.E.A.R.T. Packs with essential hygiene products and food to be distributed by officers from the Fullerton Police Department.
  • Silver Award Take Action Project Photo(s)

  • Please upload one or more pictures of you doing your Silver Award project: one or more of your best photo(s) that show you in action! (High resolution .jpg or .png file is preferred.)

  • Permission to Publish for Marketing/Recognition Purposes

  • Note: If you do not give permission, you will not be included in the published list of Silver Award Girl Scouts, Highest Awards Yearbook or other recognition.

  • Note: If you do not give permission, your Troop#, Service Unit/City will not be used for recognition purposes.

  • Note: If you do not give permission, your profile will not be included for GSOC marketing and recognition purposes.

  • Thank you!