Deaf Sea Tour Hawaii Airline Monthly Savings Plan
  • This is for Airline Saving Plan for your Hawaii Cruise with Deaf Sea Tour Hawaii 2019. This is OPTIONAL.

    Some of you asked to be on Airline Savings Plan as it is quite expensive to fly to Hawaii. If you are interested, please fill out below.
  • This is based on 24 months plan from August 2017 to July 2019.

    If it cost you more, you will pay the difference or if it cost you less, then you will get refund. When you start paying monthly, and if you decide to cancel, there is $10 processing fee per person.
  • We only will take money order or personal check which you can mail it to:
    Best Price Break, Inc.
    640 Woods Drive, Lehi, Utah 84043
    Write it to: Best Price Break, Inc.
    Put on Memo: Airline Savings Plan

    We do not take credit or debit card because airlines requires full payment at the time of purchasing ticket. We hold your money in special Business Savings Account and then we will use that money to pay for your airline tickets. You still are responsible to find which airport and airline you want to choose.