Invitation to Oakley-based businesses
The Annual "Heart of Oakley Festival" scheduled for September 19th has been cancelled due to county health restrictions but we'll be offering some activities and programs in place of the festival this year.

We'd like to take this opportunity to support Oakley-based businesses - both store-front and home-based. To qualify, your business must be based in Oakley and have a current Oakley business license. (No medicinal, liquor or tobacco/vaping products will be included)

We'll promote your business by posting information on the "Heart of Oakley Festival" website ( and via our Community Outreach email program.

In addition, you may list information about any promotions, specials or discounts you may offer between September 19th - 26th and we'll post that information to our social media platforms.

We'll also update the "Blu Dot - Open for business" website with your information.

If you are interested in participating in this marketing opportunity, please submit this form by September 15th, 2020.
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