Official MCSL Protest Form
Please note: This form must be completed by a Team Representative. Any form received that was not submitted by a Team Representative will not be considered.

To submit a protest for consideration by the MCSL Rules Committee, please complete this form in its entirety within three calendar days following the date of the meet in question. Failure to provide complete information prior to the deadline may result in the protest being denied without further consideration.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the following MCSL rules regarding protests prior to submitting this form:

MCSL Rule 19.a: Protests involving judgment decisions by starters, stroke and turn judges and relay take-off judges must be considered by the referee at the meet. Only the Team Representative may lodge these types of protests. The Team Representative shall lodge the protest with the Referee within 30 minutes after the scoring has been completed. The Referee can overrule any starter, stroke and turn judge or relay take-off judge only on a point of rule interpretation or on a judgement decision pertaining to an action that the Referee has personally observed.

MCSL Rule 19.b: Protests arising during or after the meet dealing with issues other than swimming technicalities which cannot be satisfactorily settled by parties involved shall be referred within three days to the chairperson of the Rules Committee.
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