Darrin Eakins
Darrin Eakins' career took a dramatic turn in 2008 after he was engaged in a serious life-changing injury. He had several injuries and was thereafter unable to function as a surgeon.
Numerous operations, despair, and chronic pain ensued, culminating in self-medication with narcotics and alcohol. He lived alone for the following decade, divorced and separated from family and friends. He lacked direction and purpose in life, except to numb emotional anguish and unhappiness with whatever narcotic was offered.

He spent a significant portion of this period in and out of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, psychiatric institutions, and prisons. He ultimately reached "rock bottom" when he was discharged from a Florida hospital following a near-fatal heroin overdose, and he had no recollection how he got there from North Carolina. He returned to rehab for a second time and ended up staying for nearly a year. Here he made new acquaintances, acquired new beliefs, and formed a new spirituality.
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