Exclusive Marquee Dayclub Guest List
ALL LADIES ON GUEST LIST GET FREE ENTRY! Guys with ladies will typically receive reduced admission. Guys in excess of equal number of ladies will enter with your guest list group, but will pay the regular cover charge at the door.

There is no guest list for all guy groups at Marquee Dayclub. Guys must either meet ladies in advance of the event and invite them with to be included on guest list or pay the full cover charge upon entry.

Guest list exceptions may be implemented at high demand events by the venue in advance. In the rare event an exception is made, your group will be notified of any guest list exceptions prior to the date of the event.
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    OPEN: Friday, Saturday & Sunday
    HOURS: 11am to 6pm
  • You may adjust your group's pickup time/numbers of people going when driver calls to confirm typically 1 hour in advance of your pickup