Border Collie Trust GB Adoption Form
Please answer all questions as accurately and honestly as possible.

All our dogs are at our centre in Staffordshire where you will need to visit to complete an adoption.
  • Selection of any of the options will not preclude you from adoption. It will just help us better discuss dogs you may be interested in
  • In the event of a YES answer, we will call you to discuss
  • Please complete as fully as possibly. If you have no other pets just enter None
  • Please select all that apply
  • And now questions about your home

  • If other please explain
  • Please attach copy of Landlords permission. Must show landlords or agents full details please
  • Training and Behaviour

    These are just general questions, we are not looking for right or wrong answers but merely to see what areas, if any, we need to discuss in greater detail with you. If you are unsure or don't know how to answer please just leave the question blank, it's not a test
  • Please choose any or all that apply
  • Safety Information

    Please remember that most rescue dogs can be stressed by the changes in their life and the kennel environment, as a result they may behave out of character not only here at the centre but for some time after leaving.

    We will do our best to ensure nothing untoward happens during the introductions if any dog. In the interests of your safety and the dogs welfare, please observe all the instructions and advice given by staff during your time at the rescue centre.

    Please read the advice on Kennel Cough, especially if you are bringing your own dog with you
  • Please remember a settling in period is very important with any rescue dog