APS Server Registration Form
Arkansas Process Service in Little Rock Arkansas is Arkansas leading process service provider.

Arkansas Process Service in Little Rock Arkansas has court appointed process servers throughout Arkansas statewide helping us meet our clients' goals daily as Independant Contractors.

We will pay you the agreed FLAT RATE fee for each person and each set being served, we provide (1) address, and we require (3) attempts.

You will be paid the same agreed rate for both served or non-served (confirmed bad address) or Non-Est as due diligence (after 3 attempts).

If you would like to receive high volume orders in your local counties and be added to our process servers Roster, simply complete this Vendor form to get started.

Our goal is to use (1) process server for (all) orders so that the same process servers receives high volume orders from us!
  • This is the number we will use for your 1099 at the end of each year as an Independant Contractor.
  • The address where we would mail papers (that cannot be emailed), mail payments and your 1099?
  • This is where we will EMAIL your orders to.
  • Example: Benton 40, Lonoke 45, Boone 50, Other counties and fees for each.
  • Type your Cash App ($) Name here or Type Check if you do NOT want to be paid by Cash App.
  • Type Your First and Last Name Here