APS Order Form
Prepayment is required from all clients.

AR-Pulaski, Lonoke, Saline, Faulkner Counties Routine service is (allow 5-10 days) $50.00
AR-All other Counties Routine Service is (allow 10-20 days) $75.00
AR Rush/ASAP options are available.

Nationwide Routine (Allow 30 Days) $100.00
Nationwide Rush (Allow 20 Days) $150.00
Nationwide ASAP (Allow 10 Days) $200.00


PAGES: There is no charge for 25 pages or less (per person/per set) our print fee is .10 cents per page over 25 pages (per person/per set).
  • List your job or reference number here, if you do not have one just use the case number instead.
  • We allow only (1) address for service per order. If the address provided is reported unsuccessful, you can place another order and list another possible address at that time. NOTE: If more than one address is provided, we will attempt the first address listed.
  • Include Phone Numbers, DOB, Description, Employers Name or any other information that may help us with this service.
  • If you have a photo of the person being served please upload it here.
  • If the LAW allows for substitute service, please do not list personal service as a preference because this will defiantly delay the service. ***If Sub Service be sure to select the correct AGE for the court where this case is filed, we will instruct our server according to your instructions.
  • List the FINAL and "Expiration" Date here, we will non est as due diligence on this date if service has not yet been obtained.
  • If you have a cover letter or instructions for us, please upload it here.
  • We need one attachment of all service documents being served (plus letter to person being served if one) in PDF format as one attachment please.

    The maximum file size for document uploads is 10MB, if your document size is more than 10MB, please complete this order form but DO NOT UPLOAD THE DOCUMENTS and we will reply to your order and request the documents by direct email.