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The pipeline installed in the oil & gas industry is almost half a decade old. Though there’s a network of hundreds of miles of pipeline, most of it quite old. It means that it is always exposed to unexpected damages. Even one small damage to the pipeline can wreak havoc on the entire production. That’s why organizations always rely on dedicated pipeline software to keep the entire pipeline network in the working condition.

Pipeline software is used to precisely implement pipeline integrity management, eventually reducing failure and enhancing overall productivity. If you are not familiar with pipeline integrity management, here’s what you need to know.

What is Pipeline Integrity Management?

Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) is an approach that is usually followed by pipeline operators in the oil & gas industry to ensure that pipeline operates in a completely safe and reliable environment. The main objective is to protect the pipeline from unexpected accidents. Keep in mind that even if one failure occurs, the repairing can even cost millions of dollars.

That’s why it is always a great strategy for the oil & gas industry to invest in a professional pipeline software and effectively maintain the entire pipeline network. Basically, pipeline software allows the operators to maintain the entire pipeline lifecycle, from construction & design to the final stage of deployment.

You can consider pipeline integrity management as a preventive mechanism. The earlier it is adopted, the better it would be for the life cycle of the pipeline. Using pipelines software, the operators can evaluate all the failures that may happen in the future.

So, in order to prevent them from happening, suitable precautionary steps are taken at the earliest stage itself. And, even if a failure occurs, everyone knows what steps need to be taken to mitigate its results.

Today, it has become mandatory to utilize a dedicated pipeline management solution to regularly inspect the pipeline so that it doesn’t cause any harm to the civilization or the overall productivity.
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