11 things you can do with Chromecast
If you just bought a Chromecast , you are probably still doubting the usefulness of that little pot created by Google, which everyone talks about wonders. What is it for? What things can you do with Chromecast? What are the best compatible apps ? Those are some of the questions that are repeated most by all those who have not yet dared to acquire one of the cheapest, and at the same time more useful devices created by those of Mountain View.

Therefore, today our goal is to clarify doubts about it, listing no less than 17 things that can be done with a Google Chromecast , and that you may not overcome so far. So whether you have a Chromecast for a long time, you just bought it, or you don't have one yet, this article may help you out of doubt.

Google Chromecast: things you can do

Comics on your TV

Any type of multimedia content you can imagine can be sent to the TV through a Chromecast. Yes, this also includes your favorite comics in digital format , and for this you just have to resort to an application like Astonishing Comic Reader. It is true that, perhaps a television located several meters away is not the best system to read the text of the comics, but certainly a large panel with the appropriate resolution, can become the best way to enjoy the artistic section of your favorite comics .

Your favorite music, big time ...

You don't need a Chromecast Audio to enjoy your favorite music through Chromecast . The original mode of the device is compatible with applications such as Spotify, Google Play Music, and many other audio players, whether online or local, available on Google Play.

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On all musical platforms, the operation will be the same. Just open the application and look for the icon to send content to Chromecast . Automatically, the audio will start playing on the TV.

And also the lyrics of the songs

Of course you can always go even further, and turn your room into a whole karaoke thanks to Google Chromecast. You only need an application like MusiXmatch , which is responsible for displaying the lyrics of the songs you play, and sending the content to Chromecast. In this way, both audio and lyrics will appear on the TV. Easy, right?

There is also room for games

A quick search on Google Play serves to realize that Chromecast can also be a very interesting casual gaming platform . There are some popular games that have support for the Google device, such as Angry Birds , as well as others that are specifically created to be played on the big screen taking advantage of Chromecast's capabilities. In this case, you set the limits.

And also in local

But if you are one of those who prefer to store their movies and series, or any type of video, in the internal memory of the mobile, you can also enjoy them on your Chromecast. To do this, you only need to download a video player that allows you to send the content to the TV . Although there are dozens of different video players, my choice is, and will be, VLC, a free and open source alternative that has become a classic within its category.

Share Your Mobile Screen

One of the most useful uses that can be given to a Google Chromecast is to see what happens on the mobile screen directly on the TV . To do this, it is as easy as opening the Google Home application - mandatory if you use a Chromecast - and from the left side menu, select the option “Send screen or audio”.

Browse the Internet on the big screen

Precisely, one of the most interesting things we can do by sharing the mobile screen to the TV, is to surf the Internet on the big screen . To do this, once we have started sharing the content with Chromecast, just open our favorite browser - Chrome, Firefox or any other -, enable screen rotation and, with the phone in horizontal format, start browsing by any web .

A news feed in the lounge

This may be one of the most unknown uses by Google Chromecast users. For a while now, Google offers the possibility of converting the TV into a lively news feed , capturing the best news of the day.

The news that appears will be extracted directly from the Google Play Newsstand platform and customized according to our tastes . To activate the appearance of news, it is only necessary to configure the Chromecast wallpaper - it must be at a time when content is not being sent -, and select the Play Newsstand option. In this way, these will appear throughout the day, changing from one to another according to the speed we have chosen.

Unleash your creativity

Your TV can also be your perfect sketch of drawings . Applications such as CastPad allow you to make drawings on the mobile screen, which will be shown in a big way on the screen. In addition, it will then be possible to export and share them in the form of an image.

And if you want to go even further, you can bet on Doodlecast, a game in which each player chooses a word, and his goal will be to make the drawing on the TV to get the rest of the players to guess what it is.

Your own video surveillance system

If you want to know what happens in a place in your home at all times, you can do it thanks to your Chromecast and an application like tinyCam Monitor . This app turns your phone into a surveillance camera, and it is possible to send the content that is recorded at all times to the TV through Chromecast. An extremely useful use, especially if you have an old smartphone to be able to use it indefinitely as a surveillance camera.

A great photo frame anywhere

In the same way that before we have explained how to turn the TV into a news feed, you can transform it into a huge photo frame, with your best images stored in Google Photos. To do so, you just have to access the wallpaper settings, and select the option "Google Photos" . It is also possible to specify which photo folders will be displayed .
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