Yajichurri Order form - US & the rest of the world
Yajichurri now comes in a Stand up pouch option for ease of international transportation. Minimum of two per order. No exceptions

Flexi Bag: £13.50 per bag

Shipping to America and Canada:

£27.50 for 1 - 2 kg of sauces. which would be 2 - 5 flexi bags

£34.50 for 3 - 4kg of sauces which is 6 - 9 Flexi bags

£41.50 for 5 - 6kg of sauces. Which is 10 - 13 flexi bags

£48.50 for 7 - 8kg of sauces. Which is 15 - 18 flexi bags

£55.50 for 9 - 10kg of sauces. Which is 19 - 22 flexi bags

If you live in Europe or any country outside the EU, please send me an email as shipping costs varies per country. the_experience@dooneyskitchen.com

While I totally understand that you may be turned off by the shipping costs, I have started pairing people up to reduce costs.

It isn't feasible to store names and locations without payments, so I won't be able to contact you should someone in your location turn up, as I will likely forget and you may miss out.

Hence, I will suggest that you pay for the flexi bags you want and shipping costs in full and wait a bit. Waiting times vary, but it is usually between 4 hours and 2 weeks, and someone turns up. When I find someone in your location, I pair both of you up and send one box, and I issue both of you a part refund on shipping.

You paying in full shows commitment to purchase, not just that it is easier to calculate refunds when each person pays in full.

I have done multiple pairings, so it is a system that works. Another added bonus is you get to meet a fellow DK Triber that you ordinarily would never have met.

Please go ahead and pay via Paypal. Email address to use is dunni_obata@yahoo.com. Please select paying Friends and Family, after which you select the currency in Pounds, put the amount you are paying and Paypal will do the conversion for you, to the currency your account is attached to.

To record your payment, please fill the form below. Thank you very much
  • The paired parcel is sent to whomever pays first, or orders more. Pairing is done for locations within and not more than 25 minutes drive. You will be informed ahead, whom you are paired with and the distance from you, with your consent sought before the parcel is sent out.