COGS Director of Event Planning Application
This form is for those who wish to apply for the Eboard position of Director of Event Planning. The Director of Event Planning shall plan, coordinate and participate in COGS Fall Welcome and various social events within the guidelines of COGS, with the direction of the COGS Executive Board, and in coordination with the COGS Office, and the Graduate School or other University partners as appropriate

**NOTE: COGS annually holds a Fall Welcome Cookout in late August in coordination with the Graduate School Orientation & Resource Fair. This is COGS biggest event and the Director of Events plays a major role in all of the planning. Please do not apply if you are not available to work on this event throughout the summer. *Not applicable for mid-year replacement!

Additionally, as member of the COGS Eboard, the Director of Event Planning is invited to participate when available, in events and activities in collaboration with Eboard as the leadership body of the Council of Graduate Students.

• Term: for purposes of this application, the term for service would go to April of the current academic year to end of spring semester of the next academic year. Consecutive academic year terms are possible at the discretion of the Executive Board who appoints this position.

See here for Director of Event Planner Responsibilities from the COGS Bylaws:

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  • *A large part of this position is planning and working at the COGS Fall Welcome Event(s) in August. Summer availability is not required but is HIGHLY recommended for any applicant that wishes to be considered. Please detail where you will be this summer and how you will be able to participate in early fall planning. Tell us also about your availability to plan and attend events throughout the year. Do you have limitations that we need to know about? NOTE: The Event Planner does NOT work alone. Office staff is instrumental and can work with you to help achieve your event plans. Eboard members should also act as a collaborative hosts for all COGS Events. You will have support!