October 2022 - United Cat Club Inc.

*I understand that transmission of this e-mail constitutes an agreement to pay the summary sheet total, even if I fail to bench or enter my cat(s).

1. Paypal: UnitedCatClub@gmail.com
2. Checks must be postmarked before 10/1/22, late checks will not be accepted and required to pay cash at door. Please make payable to "United Cat Club Inc." and mail to:
United Cat Club
PO Box 782
Prince George, VA 23875
  • - -
  • Please specify in the notes section below which day you are entering.
  • Ring clerks will be paid $40 per day. Stewards are to be paid $25 per day. Clerks & Stewards will also be provide with free beverages and food during the show. No experience necessary for stewarding, ages 7 and older are welcome to apply.

  • Clerking School:
    Hosted by Vanadis Crawford, Saturday 10/15/22 at 5 pm - 8 pm inside the show hall. Attendees will be provided with pizza & drinks. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to become a clerk and obtain or maintain clerking certification.

    If you would like to attend, reservation is required in advance and admission may be purchased below. Admission is used towards food and material expenses.
  • Summary:

    ENTRIES OR PLACEHOLDERS MUST BE ENTERED INTO TOES NEXT, PLEASE VISIT: https://i-tica.com/component/toes/shows#show2300

    If you are using PayPal, write the below total amount down. You will need it for the next step. Paypal address for payments is: UnitedCatClub@gmail.com
    (Please send Friends & Family)

    Note: Payment at the door must be with PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE ENTRY CLERK and must be in CASH. A fee of $25 will be charged on all checks returned for any reason.

    Transmission of this form constitutes an agreement to pay the summary sheet total, even if failing to bench or enter cat(s) for show.