Children Change The World
Montessori Conference – Calgary, Alberta
March 3, 4 & 5, 2023

Accommodations are the responsibility of the attendee; the conference is being held at the Sheraton
Cavalier and there is a link on the website to connect you directly to them to make your reservations.
Meals are provided with your registration
  • Permission: By registering for this Conference, you are giving permission that your photography may be taken to be used in legitimate purposes by any of the event holder, sponsors, organizers, etc.

    Attendees with Special Needs: The conference is held in a wheelchair accessible facility.
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  • This is wonderful weekend of Montessori liked minded individuals getting together to
    share and learn from each other. It is our pleasure to host this conference and to be
    able to provide you with a relaxing weekend, where time slows down and someone
    takes care of you.
    Please plan to take in the full experience and join us for meals, entertainment and the
    different networking opportunities that are available throughout the weekend, some are
    planned and some just wonderfully happen.
    We want the conference to not only be about the knowledge sharing but about a full
    experience of a weekend with great people, great food, great knowledge, great sharing,
    rest and relaxation and so much more.
    Consider staying right at the hotel for the weekend, you deserve it and it will just add to
    your experience.
    Shelley and Blair Debaar and the entire Conference team
  • Breakout Selection Please indicate first, second and third choice for each.