RDC Youth Tap Program Submission
Welcome to your first step of joining the RDC Youth Tap Company! Please fill out this form completely and submit. We will review your information and respond within a few days letting you know the status of your acceptance.
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    If something does not apply to you, please write "N/A."
  • This includes any technical style of dance. Ex: Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballroom, etc.
  • Please explain your "Other" technical training. Ex..."I've trained competitively in Jazz for 3 years and Hip Hop for 5yrs."
  • If the dancer is not affiliated with a Home studio, please put "Independent."
  • Instructor 1
    Instructor 2
    Instructor 3
    If you have fewer than 3, you can input "N/A"
  • Mark any/all that apply.
  • Tell us about yourself? As little or as much as you want. This is your chance to introduce yourself. Skills, Hobbies, Interests, Grades, Work Ethic, Team Work, Commitment Level, Goals, Inspirations, Flaws, Strengths, Personality. Anything and everything you want us to know about you.
  • Email, Friend, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Upload a private tap video of yourself to YouTube and copy/paste the link here so that we can see your current tap skills. Examples would be Solo competition video from the previous year or a short 0:30-1:00min video of you executing choreography and/or freestyle.