2020 5x5 Show Entry Forms
The Framery & Fine Art Gallery is hosting a very special, ACW Artists event that will bring local and national artists to its Whittier, CA, venue. Simply titled “The 5 x 5 Art Event,” this challenging show and sale invites artists to create on a small scale in their preferred media.

Open to all artists, 16 years or older, professional or emerging. (Artists under 18 years of age require signed parental consent.) The show will run through December 2020. (Date to pick-up unsold work is January 15-16, 2021.) Artists are invited to submit 5-15 entries (minimum of 5, maximum of 15; does not need to be in increments of 5) per artist.

All works must be 5” X 5” (or 5”x5”x5” if 3-D) using traditional and/or mixed-media, including photography, on preferably archival grounds. This is not a miniature show. Jewelry is not eligible for this show. Works shown in previous years' 5x5 shows are not eligible to be re-exhibited.
a) Artwork must measure exactly 5” X 5” unframed. All traditional media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pencil, photography, mosaic, paper) on traditional supports (canvas, foamcore, artboard, paper, etc.) will be considered. Three dimensional pieces may be submitted but must meet the required format of 5”x5”x5”. Works mounted under glass/acrylic must meet the 5”x5” criteria.
b) Subject Matter: This is a holiday gift-giving show that will also raise funds for a local charity. All artwork submitted for jurying and sale should depict subjects appropriate for a holiday show. Please no nudes or subject matter that may be considered objectionable to a majority of collectors. What is deemed acceptable will be decided by the event/venue jury staff.
c) Artwork must be unframed, with no hanging hardware. Framed pieces will not be accepted for exhibit.
d) All edges must be finished/neatly trimmed and suitable for exhibit. All artwork must be submitted clean and ready to have hanging hardware installed by gallery staff.
e) Artwork must be identified on the back bottom half with a title, artist name, and media (leave the top half clear for gallery-installed hanging hardware). Additional information on the back bottom half (copyright and date, and/or artist inventory number, etc.) is up to artist's discretion.
f) All artwork must be for sale. No NFSs, and collections by one artists will not be hung together.
g) Price-points for sale are: $25, $55, or $105. Artwork price is set by artist on the submitted inventory sheet.
h) Commissions: The Gallery commission on all sales will be 35% for this event only. Artist payments will be available no later than the end of the following month after end-of-show.

We are very fortunate to have three local business owners and enthusiasts serving as our judges. Prizes will be announced and awarded at Saturday's event.

Registration fee is $25.00. Jury Fee is $3 per work, with a minimum of five works ($15.00 jury fees) submitted per artist, up to a maximum of 15 works ($45.00 jury fees). Fees paid (= minimum jury fees) before 7/31/20 will have the $25 registration fee waived. Fees paid after 7/31/20 will require the $25.00 registration fee. Signup early and save money!

Fee/Payment Examples:
Fees paid before/by 7-31-20: Registration fee $0 (waived) + $15.00 jury fee minimum = $15.00. If submitting 5 works on 11-9-19: (example 12) 3.00 x 12 = 36.00 -15.00 already paid, balance due at dropoff = 21.00. Total fees paid $36.00
Fees paid as of 8/1/20 to 11-7-20: Registration fee $25.00 + $ 15.00 jury fee minimum = $40.00. Submitting 5 works on 11-7-20: (example 12) 3.00 x 12 = $36.00 - $15.00 already paid. Balance due at dropoff = 21.00. Total fees paid $61.00
Paid fees do not guarantee acceptance of artwork into the show. All fees are non-refundable.

Zelle & Venmo is preferred (email: ACWartists@yahoo.com), previous to drop-off dates; bring proof of payment when delivering work. On site: Visa, MasterCard, check, or cash payments will be accepted. Checks are made payable to “The Framery.” Unpaid or returned fees will disqualify works for entry/inclusion in the show.

Final Deadline & Delivery Dates:
Friday, 10-30-20, & Saturday, 10-31-20, Noon-5 pm.
To be delivered:
1) All unframed artwork to be juried,
2) Filled-out application (or a copy of the previously submitted application);
3) Printed Inventory list (Word/.doc file also needed, via email); download form from www.ACWartists.com
4) Proof of/or previous payment of fees, along with balance of fees due, if delivering additional pieces.
5) No shipped works will be accepted.* Artists or artists' representatives must deliver all items.
6) Incomplete or illegible applications and those works accompanied by such will not be accepted.
7) Works with unpaid fees will not be eligible for exhibition or sale.
8) Gallery hours for local drop-off: Th-Sat Noon-5:00pm

Venue Drop-Off and Location:
The Framery & Fine Art Gallery, 13105 Whittier Blvd., Whittier, CA 90602
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  • Preview of Artwork | File MUST be named by the title of the artwork