Dating Course For Men
Evaluation Form - Part 2

37. Do you know what types of girls you are looking to date?
38. If so, what types? (it you don't know type "I don't know.") *
39. Are you comfortable approaching girls you don't know? *
40. Can you maintain eye contact with girls? *
41. Do you have a firm handshake? *
42. Can you get phone numbers from girls you just met? *
43. Can you hold a conversation with girls you just met? *
44. Do you run out of things to say? *
45. Do you ask girls lots of questions? *
46. Can you tell interesting or funny stories? *
47. Can you convey your good qualities without bragging? *
48. Do you know how to connect with a girl? *
49. Do you know how to flirt? *
50. Can you kiss a girl you just met? *
51. Is kissing a girl on a first date easy or awkward? *
52. Have you ever made out with a girl at a bar or club? *
53. Are you comfortable touching girls you just met? *
54. Can you go from touching a girl in a friendly way to touching her a sexual way? *
55. Are you actively dating? *
56. What types of things do you do on dates? *
57. How often do you see a girl before you make her your girlfriend? *
58. Are your dates fun or serious? *
59. Do you have a date plan that you know inside and out? *
60. Can you get a girl to come into your apt/house, or get into her place? *
61. Can you transition to sex smoothly? *
62. Are you and experienced lover? *
63. Can you fulfill a girl sexually? *
64. Are you comfortable having sex with a girl for the first time? *
65. On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rate yourself as a lover? *
66. Do you know the difference between "no" and "not yet? *
67. Do you have children now or want children someday? *
68. Do you know what type of relationships you want with girls and can you have them? *
69. How long can you maintain the types of relationships you want? *
70. How many girls have you dated at the same time?
71. Do you want to date one steady girlfriend or more than one girl at the same time? *
72. Are you looking to get married now or in the foreseeable future? *
73. Is there one girl that you have a huge crush on, that you are probably over-fixated on? *
74. My ideal goal with girls is to: *
75. When I become romantically involved with a girl: *
76. Do you know how to filter for the girls you you want? *
77. Do you know how to change your dating process to get different types of relationships? *
78. Do you feel like you have your choice with girls? *
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