Healing Paws Animal Rescue is a small organisation helping the stray animals on the Greek island of Zakynthos. We are registered as a non profit organisation in Greece and we are proud to have achieved UK charity status.

All of our cats & kittens are very well socialised, living with other felines, many also share their foster homes with dogs and puppies. These lovely cats have been saved from abandonment in bins etc, being shot, poisoned and/or starved.

We have a lot of cats & kittens with us in foster, the minimum adoption fee is £150. The true cost to us, to cover the vet fees & transport fees is significantly more, however, as a charity, we heavily subsidise these to enable us to find their loving homes.

The vet fee covers vaccinations, the cost of the passport, microchip, flea and worm treatment, all of which are legal requirements to enter the UK.

ADDITIONAL information – Cats and kittens over 7 months of age will be sterilized. They will also be blood tested for Leukaemia & feline aids. These extra costs are difficult for us to cover as a small charity, so any additional donation to help us would be very much appreciated.


TRANSPORT - We are reliant on overland transport and have to be flexible as dates can change due to ferries, weather etc.
New owners need to be prepared to travel to pick the cat up. There are drops in the South on the M25 at Clacket Lane & Cobham. A Midlands drop near the M6 and sometimes a drop for the north closer to Manchester. The transporter will keep in contact with you and give you an estimated time of arrival but we ask owners to be very flexible on the day of arrival and be prepared for a later collection time as delays are sometimes encountered. Or indeed an earlier time as we obviously don't want the dogs & cats to be on the van any longer than necessary.

Please be aware we do NOT home our cats to people that live on BUSY roads unless they will be a house cat.
  • Cat applied for
  • Ages of Adults & Children & further details
    eg dad =35, mum = 32, son =8, daughter = 5
  • Please give details
  • Size of garden?
  • Yes No
    Is your Property Rented? If so, you will need the landlord's written concession to keep a cat. Please send a copy of this document to HPARcats@outlook.com
  • Please tell us the type of house you live in and it's location to main roads
  • Details of the areas the cat will be allowed
  • Do you have a cat flap? Will the cat be "put out" during the day or night? or will you use a litter tray?
  • Details of previous home visit