The President's Physical Fitness Challenge
The President's Physical Fitness Challenge, oh how I miss those days in high school. Every year in Physical Education, we would take the President's Challenge twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring to see how much we improved our fitness. The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports started this challenging program to encourage youth to stay physically active for life. President Eisenhower founded the program in 1956, and it later expanded its program to everyone, regardless or their age or abilities.

Physical Fitness Challenge

In 1966, the first Presidential Physical Fitness Award was presented. Since then, millions of other active people have been honored as well. Today, you can choose from four different Challenge programs. Each has different physical activities, requirements, implementations, and goals. Some of the activities may include running a mile, sit-ups, push-ups, and chin-ups. Since expanding the program, it's very easy for communities to get involved and active in this program as well as schools.

Physical Education

To participate, you must first find a Challenge Coordinator and someone to be the Challenge Administer. Any Physical Education teacher should be able to help you find someone qualified to administer the test. You must then try to get other people involved as Challenge Leaders. After that, start spreading the word and benefits of physical fitness and building muscle to get people to sign up. Set a date for the challenge and be sure to recognize all the participants. There are certificates available signed by the president and medals to award those who meet the goals. There are also many other things you can order for other participants, such as magnets, tee shirts or water bottles.

Spreading the Word and Benefits of Fitness

Even if you have never participated in the President Challenge, please try to find the time to be physically active. Though I never enjoyed taking the President's Challenge in school, I still realize how important fitness is. If your school doesn't participate in the President's Challenge, I encourage you to talk to your Physical Education teacher to get started. In America, we spend over a trillion dollars every year on health care and each year we continue to spend even more. Obesity, a preventable illness, is also at an all time high. Try to get involved today and help reduce these sky-scraping numbers.

To sign up your group and to find tips on how to keep people encouraged and motivated, please visit the following website:
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