Cruising the Aleutian Chain
A Bird Enthusiasts Dream! Travel one direction on the Alaska Ferry Tustemena and fly back to Anchorage from Dutch Harbor, or take the ferry both directions, beginning and ending this leg of your Alaskan adventure in the Port of Homer on the Kenai Peninsula. If birding is your goal, plan to spend a little extra time visiting in the communities of Homer and Kodiak.
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    This tour leaves from Homer every other Tuesday during the summer starting from the first date in May that a chain sailing is scheduled. We will advise you of the dates closest to your desired departure date so you can make the best choice to fit your travel plans.
  • Passenger Information:

    Because we book travel for ferry with the Alaska Marine Highway, we follow Coast Guard Regulations which requires: Name, Birth dates, and Citizenship for each person traveling.
  • Let us know if you plan to bring your Car or RV to the Port of Kodiak. Please provide length of vehicle under "special requests" for price quote. If it is an RV over 21 feet we will also need the height and width. There are places to leave vehicles in Homer for one week free of charge.