MMR boosting in Dota 2: Who needs it?
As soon as competitive mode appears in the online games, the boosting was born. There are a class of players in Dota 2, who loves to play competitive games, but don’t have enough time to break through the low-elo to the desired MMR hights. This kind of players using various Dota 2 MMR boosting service. But remember one simple thing — no matter how high you were boosted, if you not strong enough for these highs, you will be dropped back to the starting point.

How do Dota 2 Boost services work?

The answer is simple, they have the strongest players in the world, whose micro and macro skills are way too high. Enemies even may think that they are using some hacks or scripts, but they just don’t have a reason to use them. Boosters are way too good, even without additional software.

The very gaming style of the players from the low MMR so much differs. And not just gaming styles, the hero pool and other features of the Dota 2. There are a lot of complex heroes, item and skill buildes that are far beyond their comprehension. That is why the boosters from the top 1k could carry games even on Techies.

Why the Dota 2 Boost service must be your choice?

Dota 2 Boost service is the new boosting website that is aiming on the customer’s satisfaction. The admins keeping pricing at the lowest point possible but you could decrease them even further — just write a discount code that could be found on the Instagram page (“Instagram20”) to receive additional 20% off for your order.

Boosting services of the Dota 2 Boost:

1. Solo MMR boost. You give your account to the booster, and he will do his best to get your account to the desired position.

2. Party MMR boost. Play in the duoq with the customer to boost your Party MMR rating up to the skies. Also, this is the best method to learn a few new things, such as an interesting item buildes or interesting hero pools.

Soon the next features will be added:

1. Placement Matches. The new Dota 2 rating season was recently started and if you too afraid that you’ll fail your placement games — you could order them here. Professional players will do their best to win almost every match.

2. Low priority matches. Who lowes low priority? Right, nobody! And if you end up in such a fearsome place, our boosters will be glad to get you right out of it. Few matches and you will be in a normal state.

The last thoughts

Of course, the Dota 2 Boosting service is not a panacea. If you don’t know how to play right, you’ll end up in the same MMR range as you were before the boosting session. But if you learn all aspects of the game, enhanced your micro and macro skills, but you just don’t have enough time to break through the low elo — then the MMR boosting is a good choice for you.
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