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I would love your thoughts on your recent trip and my services.
Please let me know by answering these questions that will help me improve my services.
  • Ex: Hawaii trip October 2019

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    How well did this vacation meet your expectations?
  • What did you LIKE about this travel experience?
    What did you DISLIKE about this travel experience?
  • Please rate the following on a scale from 1 to 5

    (1 being LEAST and 5 the MOST)
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    How would you rate the PLANNING process for this trip?
    Pre-Purchase Communication with agent?
    How would you rate the BOOKING process for this trip?
    Post-Purchase Communication with agent?
    How was your Pre/Post Trip Support overall experience?
    How satisfied are you with my ability to provide clear answers to your questions for this trip?
    Compared with travel services you may have received from other companies, how would you rate the QUALITY of my services?

  • Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
    This agency responded promptly to our requests
    Our agent was courteous and professional
    Our agent was knowledgable about the product/destination
    Our agent explored several options and offered the best package customized to my needs
    Our itinerary was accurate and thorough
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  • Are you considering another trip in the future? List when and where you would like to travel to next and I'll notify you of any special offers I hear about.

  • I realize that you have many options with booking your travel and I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. I hope you will keep me in mind the next time you plan to travel or if you have friends or family who are planning to travel. I truly appreciate your referrals!

    Thank you for completing this survey! If you will, please leave a review on my Google Business and FaceBook pages.

    Thank you!
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