ISRI Young Executives Council
The ISRI Young Executives Council (ISRIYE) wants to hear from you! Developed specifically for ISRI members ages 40 and under, the mission of ISRIYE is to create a forum in which young professionals connect and engage via ISRI activities that foster personal and professional growth in the recycling industry.

To streamline our efforts and help us achieve our above mentioned mission, the Young Executives Council has developed subcommittees for member participation. Descriptions are as follows:

Communications: Members serve as a communications extension by sharing information on all ISRYE activities and offerings. The group engages nationally and locally through respective chapters to reach new members and connect in a variety of creative and engaging ways, including the ISRIYE Facebook group. This subcommittee includes our Commodity and Chapter Advocates.

Programming and Events: Members are responsible for planning and working with the YE Co-Chairs and Staff Liaisons to present ideas and execute successful events at both chapter and national levels. This group also works heavily with the communications subcommittee to ensure that members are aware of educational and networking opportunities and coordinates with the chapter and commodity advocates regarding regional and local events.

Advocacy: works to identify opportunities to actively engage ISRIYE’s in advocacy efforts. This group feeds a number of different areas that support: 1.) recruitment of YE’s who are looking to gain experience, 2.) educational opportunities that help YE’s understand the political process, and, 3.) the creation and cultivation of an action oriented culture through engagement and connection. Examples of opportunities include the annual ISRI Fly-In, participation in NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures), Community Relations (Government Relations), and much more.

Please complete the form below to tell us a little more about yourself, ways you'd like to get involved, and the resources you'd like to see us provide.

We look forward to connecting!

*Please note that you do not need to volunteer to for one of the subcommittees to be a part of ISRIYE.
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