Referral Form (Just Think... Who Needs Security?)
All you have to do is fill out the short referral form, add your name so we know who to pay and push submit. Well do the rest! If a contract is signed, you get $125.00 just for referring. It’s just that simple!
  • Indicate name of business
  • Indicate contact person, if applicable
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  • How important do you rate this LEAD. (HOT)= Contact Right Away, Medium= Interested Somewhat, Cold= No Rush.
  • Have you made any contact with this LEAD?
  • Attach pics, documents or any information about this location that we may need in order to seal the deal. (i.e. security concerns, burned out light, broken fences, or criminal activities.)
  • How did you come across this lead?
  • Sales Person Information:

    Fill out you information so that we can track your referrals and get YOU PAID! Payments are paid out after first invoicing cycle.
  • Indicate your name so that this LEAD can be assigned to you. All LEADS are date and time stamped, so move quickly!