DSS Testing Center Policies
Directions: Please initial/sign indicating that you will comply with these policies.
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  • DSS Testing Center Policies

    Please read and initial/sign below each policy.

    Please submit before taking your first exam of the semester in the DSS Testing Center.
  • 1. I understand that I must qualify for testing accommodations and arrange for my Academic Adjustment Letter to be sent to my instructors by submitting my Class Schedule to Disability Services before I take any exams in the DSS Testing Center.

  • 2. I understand I must submit exam requests 5 business days (Monday - Friday, not weekends and holidays) as stated in the course syllabi or I will not be able to take the exam in the DSS Testing Center.

  • 3. I understand that I must take quizzes and exams at the same date/time scheduled in the course syllabus. Any re-scheduled exams require pre-approval from both the instructor and Disability Support Services and may not be rescheduled during other class times.

  • 4. Students more than 30 minutes late for an exam will not be able to take their exam in the DSS Testing Center and will need to contact the instructor to obtain permission reschedule for another day/time.

    If a student is late to an exam, the difference between the scheduled time and start time will be deducted from the total time. (For example, if the student is 20 minutes late, then he/she will have 20 minutes less total testing time in which to complete the exam).
  • 5. I understand I cannot begin an exam more than 15 minutes early unless prior
    permission is granted by the instructor.

  • 6. I understand it is my responsibility to remind the instructor that I will be taking an exam in the DSS Testing Center.

  • 7. I understand prior permission from the instructor is required to utilize additional aides such as notes, books, charts, calculator, etc. for the exam.

  • 8. I understand only water in a clear bottle may be taken into the testing room. No food, candy, gum, or snacks are allowed.

  • 9. I understand backpacks, purses, coats, sweatshirts, sweaters, hats, cell phones, pagers, electronic date books, radios, or tape recorders may not be taken into the testing room.

  • 10. I understand I am responsible for bringing my own supplies and references, as have been permitted by the instructor or my accommodations. Supplies such as (e.g., scratch paper, pen/pencils, calculators, etc.) are not provided by the DSS Testing Office.

    Failure to bring my own supplies will result in being asked to obtain these items and loss of time if I return late for my exam.

  • 11. I understand the role of the scribe is to write what I state and is not allowed to answer questions about the meaning of the testing material or how to state an answer on any exam.

  • 12. I understand the role of the reader for exams is to read only the text of the exam and may not define words or phrases.

  • 13. I understand that I will not be able to leave the testing area (e.g., to go to the restroom) during the exam without prior permission.

  • 14. I understand that at any time during an exam the test proctor is allowed to enter the testing room to check materials in my possession.

  • 15. I understand that a loud voice, abusive language, or inappropriate behavior is prohibited in the DSS Testing Office according to the University policy governing student conduct.

  • 16. Pledge of Academic Honesty

    The student has the primary responsibility for being academically honest. Students found guilty of academic dishonesty through the use of unauthorized aid or notes on examinations will be subject to University sanctions and revocation of privileges through Disability Services.

    The DSS staff respects the student as an individual. Each staff member is dedicated to and demands the maintenance of academic integrity on the part of the student.

    I have read the above statement and understand its contents.