Membership Agreement
Members Only Credit Network
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  • Member’s Profit Sharing Referral Account:

    Members Only Credit Network will provide $6000 per year in advertising and marketing for each member to acquire new members.

    Each member will be given a marketing platform and all creative, artwork, and deployment will be done by Corporate, such as variable email, ring less voicemail, text, social media and more. Each advertisement or Ad content will be custom and specific for each member.

    Annual payouts for VIP & Gold Members...
    10% per new client Referral assigned to your team
    $22,680 per year to member for 10 new VIP members per month *Minus $39 processing fees each payout, 4 payouts per year allowed, 3 draws & final withdrawal

    20 new VIP members per month =
    $45360 payout per year *Minus $39 processing fees each payout, 4 payouts per year allowed, 3 draws & final withdrawal
    NOTE: Available 3 Approved Draws on Investment Account per year, before scheduled Annual Member payout

    Gold Member Credit Line: $15,000

    · Credit Consultation, 3 Free Credit Scores, and Credit Simulation $150 Credit
    · Credit Restoration Guaranteed Score $1500.00 Credit

    · Dedicated Members Financial Network Advisor $2350 Credit, retainer paid

    · Automotive Discount Voucher $2000 Credit

    · Automotive Trade Voucher $1000 Credit

    · Automotive Finance Products Voucher $1000 Credit

    · Member Acquisition Marketing Platform & monthly advertising $6000 Marketing Credit line

    Each VIP member gets approved for a $15,000.00 Line of Credit used for the above services and products. The Member’s Gold Card Line of credit will be available for up to 3 years upon Gold membership activation. Gold Members get approved for the $15,0000 minus $1500

    Membership Easy Payment Plan:

    VIP Member: $189 Month, Add $69 month for Spouse
    *All Services & Benefits included
    *Line of Credit expires after 3 years
    *Profit Sharing account is 10% payout of team member acquisition annual revenue excluding each first & 12th payment & $39 processing fees. 3 Approved draws per year to member & final balance paid on 12th month.

    Gold Member: $89 Month
    *All Services & Benefits included, minus Credit Restoration & Credit Repair Services (minus $1500 credit repair contract)
    *$13,500 Line of Credit expires in 3 years
    *Profit Sharing account is 10% of team member acquisition annual revenue excluding each first and 12th payment & $39 processing fees.
    2 approved draws per year to member & final balance paid on 12th month.

    $1 Trial Member: 1-time fee of $60 for a 60 day trial, then goes down to $49 mo
    *All services & Benefits included, minus $1500 Credit Restoration & Credit Repair Services, & minus $5000 Marketing Platform
    *$8500 line of credit expires in 12 mos
    *All requirements must be met
    *Profit Sharing account is 5% of team member acquisition annual revenue excluding each first and 12th payment & $39 processing fees.
    ***Trial Member can upgrade to Gold or can upgrade to VIP anytime as Trial Member for the extra $6500 line of credit and to receive 10% annual profit share and the right to 2-3 draws. Trial Members get 1 draw per year.

    Business Network Affiliate Partner Member:
    $299 month
    *Must be approved by the board & if qualifies will be a featured Local vendor of the Members Only Network
    *All marketing platforms will be active
    *All profit sharing will go to 1 business account payee, to disperse profits upon discretion to company employees, option of the business owner or assigned manager
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  • Private Membership Agreement

    I hereby apply for membership in Members Only Credit Network – a private membership group. With the signing of this agreement I accept the offer made to become a member and I express my agreement with the following Declaration and Memorandum of Understanding:

    1. This Club of members hereby declare that our primary purpose is to protect and maintain our right to freedom of choice regarding alternative buying methods, betterment of credit, credit counsel, debt management, and financial improvement practices that we choose to receive – by asserting our constitutional, contractual, and civil rights.
    2. As members, we affirm our belief that the Constitution of the United States guarantees all Americans, particularly members of private academies, the right of freedom of association, speech, assembly, belief, and associated activities. These are our inalienable rights.
    3. We declare and assert the right to select those who can be expected to give the wisest counsel and advice regarding alternative buying methods, betterment of credit, credit counsel, debt management, and to authorize those members who are most skilled to facilitate the actual performance and delivery of assistance and improvement methods that they and we deem appropriate. We assert these rights under the Federal and State Constitutions, Federal and State law and the statutes and regulations interpreting them.
    4. We claim our freedom to choose and accept for ourselves the types of modalities that we think are best for determining the cause and correction of our financial challenges. We do this in order that we might achieve optimal savings and well-being. We reserve the right to include traditional, non-traditional or even unconventional financial and counseling options, plus other service modalities or techniques used by professionals anywhere in the world that our member facilitators choose to deliver – with our approval.
    5. More specifically, our mission is to provide members with the highest quality counsel available. Our concern is for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. We strive to stay on the leading edge of better buying alternatives and saving our members money on financial services and products.
    6. This Club recognizes all persons as members, without respect to race, creed or religion, who are in accordance with our principles and policies. Membership is for the lifetime of this club.

    I understand that those members of the Club that provide services or advice do so in the capacity of fellow member-facilitators in a private manner and not in the capacity as
    public financial providers. I understand that within the Club no Public-Agent-Client relationships exist. Within the Club, I freely choose to change my legal status from that of a Public Financial or Counseling Services Recipient, to that of a Private Membership Club recipient. I realize that in doing so I relinquish certain Federal and State protections and privileges.
    I understand that it is my personal responsibility to evaluate the services offered and to educate myself as to the efficacy, risks, or desirability. I agree that the actions I take, in this regard are my own free will decisions. If I am accepted for membership, I will exercise my rights for my own benefit and agree to hold harmless the Club and member facilitators from any unintentional liability that might result from the advice or services I receive, except from the harm that could remotely result from an instance of “a clear and present danger of substantive evil” – as determined by the Club and defined by the United States Supreme Court.

    I understand and accept that, since the Club is protected by the First, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, it is exempt from any action of Federal and State agencies entrusted to “protect the public” – as it relates to any complaints or grievances against the Club, its physical premises or equipment, its Trustees, member-facilitators or other associated staff or consultants. All complaints or grievances will be settled by non-judicial mediation, within the Club. Also, those membership and private member records kept by the Club are strictly protected and can only be released upon written request of the subject member.
    I agree that I am joining this private membership Club under the common law. I understand that members seek to help each other achieve and sustain better health. I accept that the facilitators, and other health care providers, who are fellow members, offer advice, services, and benefits that are not necessarily conventional or traditional.
    As a member, my goal is to accept those financial or counseling services that I feel will truly help me. I will choose services that I consider proper and have a reasonable chance of making my finances and life better. I realize that no debt screening, resulting conclusions or financial or consulting
    services are foolproof. For example, if I choose to forgo advise, settlements or counsel that have been recommended by others, in the public sector, I accept that risk. I assert my right of informed consent.
    My activities within the Club are a private matter and I refuse to share them with any Federal or State regulatory enforcement agency, FCC, or BBB. The financial or personal records that I have shared with other members remain the property of Members Only Credit Network. I, in becoming a member, agree not to file malpractice, civil or criminal lawsuits against a fellow member, unless that member exposes me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil.
    I further agree that all Club members are exempt from the provisions of any state Practices Act or any similar federal or state legislation.
    I enter into this agreement of my own free will, or on behalf of a designated dependent, without any pressure or promise of benefit. I affirm that I do not represent any state or federal agency whose purpose is to regulate the practice of credit counseling or any other financial services system. I accept that membership does not entitle me to any voting interest in the Club. I acknowledge I am not liable for any debts, liabilities, suits or judgments against the Club.
    I have read and understand this contract and any questions I had were answered fully to my satisfaction. This document consists of my entire agreement for membership and it supersedes any previous agreement I may have made.
    I understand that my membership fee entitles me to receive those benefits declared by a Trustee to be general benefits, free of further charge. I also agree to pay, as levied, for those benefits that I request and receive that are declared to be special assessments, as per a posted fee schedule.
  • By signing and submiting you agree to all the terms of you membership.
    Thank you, Members Only Credit Network
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    3 Day Paid Vegas Resort for 2 & $100 Dinner Voucher Must be used within first 18 mos.