Audition Prep - YOUTH Singing with Robyn Yamada
This workshop is open to students ages 16 and under.

Saturday, January 18th 1p-5:15p

Participants should prepare 1-2 audition songs, and bring copies of sheet music to the workshop. If you are workshopping your Alice audition pieces actors are encouraged to pick material that has a hip hop vibe or strong rhythmic influence.

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  • Phamaly Guidelines for classes at DCPA - Education

    • Arrive for class no earlier than 30 minutes before class time.

    • Attend all class sessions. Failure to attend all classes you register for will result in suspension from participating in future Phamaly classes.

    • Complete all assignments to the best of your ability.

    • No cell phones allowed during class time.

    • No pictures within class time.

    • Participate in all acting exercises and scene work.

    • No food allowed in class. There will be a 15 minute break for any snack needs.

    • Respect personal space and belongings of instructor and fellow students.

    • Address any issues that arise privately with the instructor, and leave any outside concerns at the door. Be focused and attentive towards the class!
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