Honors Program Application for Transfer Applicants
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    The point of these essays is not to inform us of all your achievements, but to show us what – and how – you think. Use separate pages for each answer.
  • I. Please answer both questions below:

    A.) Honors is looking for students with intellectual curiosity, an interest in civic engagement, and a range of diverse interests. What college experiences and interests have led you to apply to the Honors Program? (Typed, double-spaced, approximately 600 words.)

    B.) What is the most interesting course you have taken so far (in college), and why? (Typed, double-spaced, approximately 600 words.)
  • II. Please submit one of the following:

    A.) Consider a defining experience from your life. Would you replay it and have it come out differently? (Typed, double-spaced, around 1000 words); OR

    B.) Upload a recent writing sample that represents your writing at its best. It should be at least three pages long, double spaced. If you upload a sample, please include your name, when it was written, and for what course or other purpose.
  • You may upload more than one file by using the 'Add File' above. We prefer MS Word documents, but we'll take PDFs as well.