Moshe Weisblum
Dr Moshe Weisblum is a New York-based business consultant who specializes in assisting struggling firms in regaining profitability and success. His almost two decades of commercial expertise spans real estate, retail, education, nonprofits, investments, mergers and acquisitions, entrepreneurship, franchising, and fundraising in the United States and Israel. Weisblum is a renaissance guy, possessing a range of talents and interests spanning from music to teaching, in addition to his financial acumen.

Experience in the workplace

Weisblum has amassed an impressive professional resume. Weisblum spent nearly a decade as a business consultant for Quick Home Solutions LLC, a real estate developer in the greater Baltimore region, prior to establishing his consulting firm in 2001. He worked with a number of financially successful, privately held firms, with a concentration on real estate investments, in this capacity. He was responsible for overseeing the full real estate investment process, from acquisition talks through closing.

Previously, he worked for five years as an executive vice president/partner at AWK Ltd, a general contracting firm based in New Jersey; three years as a business consultant for Better and Different, an Israeli retailer based in Jerusalem; and six years as an import/export manager for Chalmah International Foods in Tel Aviv, where he coordinated trade shows, trained management in new technological systems, and established joint ventures between Eastern Europe and the United States.

Media, education, and public service

Weisblum has worked in Washington, DC as a consultant on Middle Eastern matters and is regularly called to give his perspectives and observations on social and political topics on a variety of television talk shows. Weisblum volunteered for the Israeli Defense Forces during his ten years in Israel, served in the special air corps, and finished his military service in the Israeli Army as a commissioned officer with the rank of Major.

From 2012 until 2016, Weisblum taught at Strayer University in Washington, DC. He taught critical thinking, business and public administration, and art history, among other disciplines, at Strayer. Weisblum was ranked among the university's top teachers for two consecutive years during his tenure. He has multiple pages of students' flawless 5.0/5.0 ratings on "Rate my Instructors," an independent social media platform that allows students to "rate" their professors. Student evaluations highlight Weisblum's wit, grasp of the subject, and ability to make his courses pleasant.

Weisblum's YouTube channel

Weisblum has a very active YouTube page, where he shares original music as well as video courses on Jewish culture, holidays, and passages from the Talmud. His channel, which he launched about a decade ago, now has over 19,600 members and is growing at an exponential rate. His YouTube videos have been viewed over 6.5 million times to date.

Weisblum attended Haifa's Yeshivat Torat Emet and studied computer science at Israel's Ofrim Institute. He got a Master of Public/Business Administration and Management with honors from Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey upon his move to the United States. Additionally, he got a PhD in philosophy from Baltimore Hebrew University (with honors) (now Baltimore Hebrew Institute at Towson University).

Additional abilities, accolades, and experiences

He is the author of seven volumes on Jewish philosophy and history, among which are "Table Talk Biblical Questions and Answers" and "Ruth Talk." Additionally, he is a syndicated newspaper columnist, with his writings appearing weekly in 17 newspapers around the Northeastern United States and Canada, including the "Garden City News" and the "Great Neck Record." His script, titled "House of Bread," has been optioned by 20th Century Pictures and is now in pre-producton

Weisblum has received multiple prizes for his work, including the Sidney Breitbart Prize in Jewish philosophy from Baltimore Hebrew University, the Keren Zikaron Award for literature, and the City of Haifa's Golden Prize for Writing.

Weisblum is a competent player of seven various instruments, including the piano, saxophone, and clarinet. He is also a skilled tenor. His music ranges from inspiring to Jewish religious holiday music. His 2017 CD, "Heartfelt Melodies," received a five-star rating from consumers. Weisblum is both the musical director and a member of his temple's band.

When he is not working, he likes writing and performing music, sailing, baseball, and spending time with his expanding family, which now includes five children and seventeen grandkids. Winston Churchill's "Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" is one of his favorite statements.
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