Child Protection Agreement
Sahabat Anak
  • I am committed to:

    Preventing and Eliminating Child Abuse that includes:
  • 1. Physical Abuse

    Slapping, Burning, Hitting children using wood, Punishing children by not providing meals, Kidnapping, and other physical abuses that harm the life and the health of children and give the bad impact to child’s growth and development.
  • 2. Emotional Abuse

    Insulting, neglecting attitude, never giving compliment, mocking, does not give time to children to play, demoralize, stigmatize children with disabilities, and other actions that give bad impact to child’s growth and development.
  • 3. Child Labor Exploitation

    Employing children under 18 years old
  • This statement is truly made, without any enforcement action from the third party.

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