20th Annual Washington Area Open Sponsorship
All payments should be made to WADA and are due by Saturday, Aug 17, 2019
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  • Confirmation email will be sent here with payment and due date information.
  • Optional addition to Partnership Package selected above.
  • Additional Notes and Explanations:

    Additional Notes and Explanations:
    1. ALL SPONSORS will have a tournament presence, meaning that we will include marketing material, flyers, etc. at the charity and promotions desk and your business will be included in our marketing material and our web site.
    2. Tag boards are advertisements attached directly to the stanchions that hold the dart board, scoreboards, and other dart related items used at the tournaments. They are seen throughout the weekend and are probably the best way to get an advertisement in front of a dart shooter.
    3. Tag boards dimensions are 30” by 6” and we accept outside artwork and/or can provide some quick and dirty graphic arts to design you one.
    4. Gold Partners will have their logo included on the tournament T-Shirts and a Large sized link on the WADA Website for a year and 6 tag boards including on the Finals and/or Semi-Finals board.
    5. T-Shirt Deadline is August 6th.
    6. Silver Partners have a Medium sized link on the website and 4 tag boards.
    7. Bronze Partners have a small sized link on the Website and 2 tag boards.
    8. Individual tag boards are on sale for $50 for the initial tagboard
    9. Additional tag boards are available to all sponsors at $30 each.
    10. Website links will stay online through at least April 30th, 2020 and longer with a renewal.
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