Variety Artist Relief Fund
The Dai Vernon Foundation, with special thanks to Brookledge Cares, and with generous donations from the Jack Oakie Foundation, the Larsens, and the Pitchford Family, has created a fund to provide assistance to professional performers in this time of trouble. If you live in the US, have been impacted by Covid 19, AND are a professional Variety Performer (for 3 or more years) assistance is available to single applicants in grants of $100 or $250 and, for those with domestic partners, spouses, or children, grants of up to $500. You may apply for whichever level you choose, so please apply only for the level for which you qualify, and only for the amount you need. We want to help you, and as many other variety performers as we can. It's an "It's a Wonderful Life" situation. Thank you for applying, and thank you for keeping the Variety Arts alive.
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