Independent Contractor Application
OHD is only as strong as our relationships in the communities we serve. Freelancers and Independent contractors are the backbone of what we do. We look forward to working with you in the near future as projects that match your skill sets present themselves.
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  • Select all that apply.
  • Select all that apply.
  • Interested in Training Some Proficient Jedi Master
    1st AC / Camera Assistant
    1st AD / Assistant Director
    2nd AC / Camera Assistant
    Animal Wrangler
    Art Department
    Art Director
    Art, Carpenter / Set Construction
    Art, Props
    Audio Post Mixer w/ System
    Audio, Boom Operator / A2
    Audio, Sound Mixer Field
    Audio, Sound Mixer FOH
    Audio, Sound Mixer Studio
    Bolt Cinebot Technician
    Camera, Director of Photography
    Camera, Documentary DP
    Camera, ENG
    Camera, Gimbal
    Camera, Narrative DP
    Camera, Operator
    Camera, Phantom Technician
    Camera, Sports
    Camera, Steadicam Operator
    Camera, Table Top DP
    Camera, Technician
    Covid Compliance Officer
    Craft Services
    Data Wrangler
    Data, DIT / Digital Imaging Technician
    Drone Operator
    Drone V.O. (spotter) / Flight Crew
    Floor Director
    Food Stylist
    Grip, Best Boy
    Grip, Best Boy Electric
    Grip, Dolly
    Grip, Electrician
    Grip, Gaffer
    Grip, Genny Op
    Grip, Key Grip
    Grip, Rigger
    Grip, Swing
    Location Scout
    Photo, Assistant
    Photo, Digitech
    Photo, Still Photographer
    Photo, Still Photographer Events
    Photo, Still Photographer Studio
    Post, Colorist with System
    Post, Editor w/ System
    Producer, Associate
    Production Assistant
    Production Coordinator
    Production Designer
    Production Manager, UPM
    Projection Mapping
    Robotics/Motion Control
    Script Supervisor
    Storyboard Artist
    Stylist, HMU
    Stylist, Wardrobe
    Teleprompter Operator
    Unreal Engine Technician
    Video Director
    Video, TD / Technical Director
    VTR / Video Assist
  • None Some Proficient Jedi Master
    3D Modeling
    3D Printing
    Business Development / Marketing
    CNC Routing
    Computer Networking
    Computer Networking Skills
    Distro / Electricity
    Driving Large Vehicles
    Fabrication / Construction
    Facebook for Business
    Instagram for Business
    Robotics/Motion Control
    Social Media Management
    Soldering / Electronic Repair
    Unreal Engine
    Video Game Development