CPA K8 Change Of Address
Thank you for informing us of your move. Remember the residence/address for your student shall be defined as the full time home of the child and the child's parents, legal guardian, or other appropriate adult authorized to have custody of said child. Please complete the information below and submit for school registrar review.

At the end of this form you will be asked to provide one of the following items:

• A residential utility bill (gas, electric, sewage or water) from the last 60 days, in the resident's (parent or guardian) name and service address

• A mortgage statement from the last 60 days or a signed annual lease agreement for your current residence

Rent Receipt from the last 60 days

Property tax statement

Current voter registration card

Letter from government agency from the last 60 days

• Appropriate residency documentation for a member or dependent of a member of the United States Armed Services

No other items will be accepted.

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