COMP Patient Application Form
Up to 4 Free ounces per month.
Valid for:
(Clonic & Grand Mal Seizures, Generalized Epilepsy, PRMS, SPMS and Terminal diagnosed Cancer)
  • This information is destroyed, upon confirmation by your doctor. (Will hold up to, 30 days. Pending confirmation)
  • Please provide any form of documentation, or physicians statement.
  • If applicable
  • We can not provide medicine without verification by your physician.


    1. You will be contacted by email.
    2. You will be added to our "COMPatient" list, for 6 months.
    3. You may order up to 4 ounces, each month, of any cannabis product from COMP patient order form.
    4. You are only responsible for any delivery or courier fee.

    You must reapply every 6 months to renew.